Going to Fiji was definitely an eye-opening experience. Left Singapore on the 14th of December and arrived in Fiji on the 15th. Had a little drama while we were at the airport. I got stuck in the handicapped toilet and started to panic. Mum had to call one of the officers, and he kicked open the door for me. What a way to start the holiday! It’s safe to say that I will probably never use a handicapped toilet again.

During this trip, my family and I went island-hopping. Every 2-3 days, we’ll move to a different resort. In all, we stayed in about 8 different resorts.

The first two days, we stayed at Club Fiji in Nadi. Here are some photos taken at the resort…

329 330 334336344 345 346 347349 350 351 352

We went trekking as well while staying in Nadi. It was at this place called The Sleeping Giant Garden.

365 371 372

Enjoying our beer after trekking!
Enjoying our beer after trekking!

On our last night at Club Fiji, we had dinner on the beach. Felt kinda romantic!

393 392401402404

On 17th and 18th December, we stayed at The Beach House, which is at Coral Coast. Coral Coast is a few hours from Nadi.

Made some new friends there…

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On the first day day at Coral Coast…

414 420 428 429 431

We went for trekking as well

432 433 435 439 460 466

The amazing view from the resort

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The next day, we went to visit a village. Tried this drink called the cava. It is an acquired taste and after drinking, your mouth will feel numb and tingly and your body will feel relaxed. We also went for a off-road cave safari. Naihehe Cave was where some Fijians hid their families during war in the 1800+. The interior of the cave was filled with huge cavities that was used for different functions. They were cannibals. We saw the oven. The first white man to be killed and eaten there, was Rev Thomas Baker in 1867.

The Chief would eat the heart and brains so that he could be braver & more knowledgeable. The warriors would have the hands & legs… Women & children would have the back so that they have strengths to do work.

The Chief can have 10 wives but when he dies, they are buried alive with him!
Unmarried pregnant women were also killed…..

With two of the children from the village
With two of the children from the village

After Coral Coast, we headed to the capital of Fiji, Suva. We went trekking at Colo-I-Park Suva.


Watched Night At The Museum and the movie tickets are cheaper than Singapore’s.579

We had a scare when heading back to the hotel after the movie. Besides us, there was a local trying to get a cab. The cab driver decided to pick us up instead of him. The man was so furious, he came over and slap the driver and called him a racist. Later, we realised that the man is actually from a gang and the cab driver didn’t pick him as he was afraid. This incident left us shocked and worried for our safety.

We moved to Tailevu on the 21st and stayed for a night at Takalana Bay. Let me tell you, the experience staying at that eco-friendly lodge was really traumatising for me. The lodge was really dim. The toilet barely had light and there was no water heater. At night, the room was filled with bugs! Cockroaches, mosquitoes and these tiny bugs that were attracted to wood! These tiny bugs were white and they’ll fall from the ceiling and onto our beds!! None of us slept well that night. In fact, Tara didn’t sleep at all! I had a mini meltdown that night. Obviously, I’m anti-bugs! We were supposed to stay for two nights at the lodge but after one miserable night, we decided to head back to Nadi one day early.

Made a new friend: Snoopy!!
Made a new friend: Snoopy!!

589591 594

Before our miserable night
Before our miserable night

Before leaving Tailevu, we went to the Moon Reef to do some dolphin sightseeing. Couldn’t snorkel with the dolphins as they’re protected. Snoopy came with us for the boat ride! Poor little one! He got seasick and vomited a few times.

603 606

624 626 627 629 634 635 637 640

On the way to Nadi…

657 662 663 664

Back at Nadi, we stayed at Aquarius By The Beach from the 23rd to 25th. The staff was really friendly there! Omg, I miss Joel, Paul and Ben! They’re the nicest people ever!


With Joel!
With Joel!

Made more friends…

671694 670



Mars Bar
Mars Bar

666 665



Celebrating Mark’s birthday on Chirstmas Eve


Joel and Ben
Joel and Ben
With Sam, our driver
With Sam, our driver

Poor Mark and Tara, they were both sick on Christmas Eve and needed to go to the clinic for injection and drip.

Beautiful sunset at Aquarius..

731 732 733

On Christmas, we took a catamaran to a beautiful island called Nacula Island. We stayed at a resort called Blue Lagoon Beach Resort until the 28th.

At the ferry terminal
At the ferry terminal
The view from Blue Lagoon
The view from Blue Lagoon
Suntanning Session
Suntanning Session
With one of the dancers
With one of the dancers
With John and Ian
With John and Ian

756 769 770

Did some snorkeling, more trekking and visited another village.

The last few days of the trip, we were back in Nadi. Stayed at the Best Western Hexagon for 3 days.

On the 28th, we went ziplining and visited the mud pool.

791 783 803808 827 813 814 815 819

The next day, we had lunch at the Marina, did some shopping and took a Bula Bus

828 829 834840 835 836 838

On the 31st, we moved to our last hotel, Novotel Hotel. The room was so freaking nice! I joked that it’s my honeymoon suite hahaha!

841 842 843

Went to town to get fireworks and more shopping!

My mode of transport!
My mode of transport!

For New Year’s Eve Dinner, we went back to Aquarius cos we miss the people there soooo much!

849 850856858

With Sam's two beautiful daughters
With Sam’s two beautiful daughters

While waiting for the countdown, we partied!! Did some dancing and of course, drinking!

854 855 856866868

The fireworks were spectacular!

Had a really awesome New Year’s Eve with our Fijian family! Miss them so much! ❤

I had some ups and downs during this trip and was miserable when we stayed at some resorts,  but the locals were very friendly and cheerful. We met a few mean ones like this guy was so rude to us when we tried to bargain with him over a surfboard! I was so pissed with him when he told us to “Fuck off”!

The friendships we’ve gained was the best thing that happened during this trip! I hope one day I’ll be able to visit them again 🙂 ❤


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