A stupid mistake

For the first time, I was allowed to drive out without any supervision. I drove my dad out and drove home by myself.

I was a little nervous, having to drive without any guidance but I managed to reach home safe and sound, and without a scratch to my body or the car.

I managed to park the car perfectly the first time. Usually, it takes about two tries before I get it parked perfectly. I was so proud of this little achievement, giving myself a mental pat on the shoulder and telling myself, “well done, Nic”!

And then…..I did the stupidest thing ever!! I forgot to switch off the car engine๐Ÿ˜ž I only realised my mistake when I couldn’t lock the car. So I had to go back in and switch it off.

I was so embarrassed that I looked around me to make sure that none of my neighbours had seen this whole incident.

Just when I thought my parents can trust me to drive out alone, I make such an idiotic mistake. *sigh*

I still remember the time when mum and I went out for lunch, I had forgotten to lock the car. Thank god nobody broke in!

I’m thinking, maybe every time I drive alone, I should bring a checklist with me. “Nicole, remember to switch off the engine”, “Nicole, remember to lock the car”. Maybe then I won’t forget.


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