Iceland – The Land of Fire and Ice

It’s been 1 year since we visited Iceland, the beautiful land of fire and ice. My mother decided to dedicate her first post about this wonderful trip! Can’t wait to visit it again!


Exactly 1 year ago, my 3 teens and I made a trip to this wonderful country. We were there to see the elusive Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights and to visit a dear classmate of mine. Initially, the long journey there (about 25 hours), jet-lag and the freezing cold that hit our seasoned summer bodies, sent us reeling! Tired, cold and grumpy, we braved the outdoors with layers of winter clothes and 2 pairs of Heattech socks! Glad we shopped at Uniqlo. Heattech products are the best!

I had signed up with a local tour group and there were 44 of us from all over the world. What took us by surprise was the wondrous scenery that surrounded us on the daily long journeys! The low temperature did not deter our spirits. Not one bit! On top of that, the 44 strangers from all over the world became great travel companions along the way…

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