A True Gift

I was a cynical person before you.
When you walked into my life, you
made me believe.
Believe in things I didn’t before.

You made me dream.
Dream about happy endings which I thought only happened in fairy tales.
You gave me hope.
Hope that one day my dreams would become a reality. That I would have my very own happy ending.

You gave me strength.
The strength to go through the daily motions of life.
To be able to overcome each hurdle each day.
You were my pillar of strength.

You gave me courage.
Courage to solve my problems.
Teaching me to be strong and to smile even through the toughest times.

You had faith in me.
And because of this faith, I was able to stand even when my world was crumbling down.

You taught me to smile, even though I wanted to cry.
You loved my imperfections, even though I don’t why.
You were the only one who saw past my shield, and saw my vulnerability.

The greatest gifts you’ve ever given me? Love and happiness. You’ve taught me the true meaning of these words. You’ve taught me to treasure the feeling of being loved and the feeling of happiness.

And for that, I’m eternally grateful to you, for giving me this precious gift.

If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, please keep me in your heart, because I wish to stay there forever.


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