Iceland and London

Decided to write up on my trips to both Iceland and London because I really miss being there. The hot weather in Singapore is driving me nuts! It makes me wanna pack up and head up to Iceland. I’m gonna separate it into two posts. They’re probably gonna be really long so….to whomever is reading this, I hope you enjoy reading these posts 🙂 To those who don’t, get out of my site!!

All  excited for our trip :)
All excited for our trip 🙂

The flight to Iceland was long and torturous. It took us more than a day to get there as we had two stopovers, Dubai and London. By the time we reached Iceland, we were so exhausted! The weather there was freaking cold! The minute I stepped out of the airport, all I could see was snow! Everything was so white! As it was midnight, we headed back to our hotel for some much needed rest.

The next day, we decided to explore Reykjavik. So, here are some photos that we took on our first day….

Where we had lunch on our first day! They serve really big portions of food!!
Bundling up because it’s sooooo cold!
Outside a church


The second day, we joined a one-week tour group that brought us to the South of Iceland for sight seeing and to catch the Aurora. Enjoy the photos taken during the tour 😀 FYI, these photos were taken with my iphone. No filter needed!

2 goofballs
2 goofballs
Snow everywhere!!
Snow everywhere!!
The Amazing view
Family photo ❤

IMG_4986 IMG_4989 IMG_4990 IMG_4992IMG_5007

Icelandic horses
Icelandic horses



Beautiful Icelandic horse
Beautiful Icelandic horse
Yoga pose haha!
Blue Ice!

IMG_5074 IMG_5076 IMG_5090IMG_5093 IMG_5094

Breathtaking sunset
Breathtaking sunset


Sorry can't see my pretty face ;) but look at the amazing view behind me!
Sorry can’t see my pretty face 😉 but look at the amazing view behind me!
Mummy and daughter <3
Mummy and daughter ❤


Poor Tara! She looks miserable haha!
Poor Tara! She looks miserable haha!

IMG_5147 IMG_5168 IMG_5169

On our last night of the tour, we finally managed to catch the Aurora! Sorry no pictures of that as my iphone is not sophisticated enough 😦 We were a little disheartened thinking that we might not be able to catch it as there were no sightings on the first few nights. Waking up at 2am and going out to the field in just our PJs, was definitely worth it! The Aurora was breathtaking!

The last two days in Iceland was free and easy for us! We went dog sledding 🙂

IMG_5178 IMG_5179 IMG_5181 IMG_5185 IMG_5186 IMG_5187 IMG_5188 IMG_5190 IMG_5192IMG_5196

We also did some horse riding!

IMG_5207 IMG_5208 IMG_5214
 Our trip to Iceland was awesome! A really great experience! The view there is just breathtaking! I hope I’m lucky enough to visit Iceland again in the future 🙂


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