The 1975 Concert

Last evening, I accompanied Tara to catch The 1975’s concert. Apparently Mark was supposed to accompany her but bailed out last minute. So I’m Mark’s substitute. I feel so touched😒 I didn’t really wanna go as I tend to like having some “me” time in the evenings. You know, just lying on my mum’s bed and watching TV or reading a nice book, with no one or no dog bothering me. But the past few days, I’ve been in a real funky mood, feeling sad or angry for no particular reason. I thought maybe going to the concert will do me some good. And it did! Well, for a while anyway haha!
Today, I’m back to feeling shitty.😤

The concert was amazing and really loud! It was held in the open so it got really hot after a while, especially with people standing so close. The last time we went to Hard Rock for the Demi Lovato concert, Tara and I wore long jeans. We were sweating like mad before the concert started. This time, we’re more prepared. We wore shorts.

Things got a little crazy when Matt, the lead singer, took off his shirt!😍😍Tara and I nearly fainted haha! Apparently, we both have a thing for guys with tattoos! Speaking of tats, I’m thinking of getting inked again. Maybe something small on my ankle. Haven’t really decided on the design yet😕 Will most probably get it done with Tara cos she too wants to get inked. She wants at least five tattoos and has already decided on the designs! Daddy will be so livid if he ever finds out😂😂 he’ll probably think that I influenced her. Oh well….

Anyways, the concert lasted for slightly more than 2 hours. My legs were hurting so bad after standing for so long. Tara was just so excited during the whole concert. We even danced for a bit when the band played their hit song “Chocolate”. All in all, it was a good concert. We had a rocking good time! Tara was really glad that she met one of her fav bands. Me? I’m just happy to see my baby sister happy ☺️







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